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Zagta auto un jūras transportlīdzekļu atbrīvošana

Stolen car and marine transport recovery

On the basis of Power of Attorney, we will help to recover any stolen vehicle after its detention in the law enforcement agencies or locating it in the territory of another country - automobile, construction and agricultural machinery, yachts, boats and their engines, moto transport, campers, trailers and others.

Atbrīvotā transportlīdzekļa

Transportation or sale on spot of the released vehicle

We will ensure qualitative and fast transportation of released vehicle from the place of detention to the destination indicated by you. Depending on the release year of a vehicle, technical and visual condition in cases when it is not economically advantageous for you to transport back your property after the release, we will help you to sell it on the spot.

Apdrošināšanas gadījumu izmeklēšana

Investigation of Insurance cases

On the basis of Power of Attorney, we will investigate the road accident, case of lost cargo, life-threatening accident and other claims. We can organize various types of inspections and technical expertise for your needs. We will carefully evaluate any of your requests and find a solution!


SIA "INFO RĪGA" was founded in 2001 and specializes in the investigation of stolen cars and sea transport, as well as case studies. We carry out a vehicle history check and provide transport services.

We have accumulated experience, developed our professional qualities and formed our circle of contacts since 1992, more than 25 years old. Our employees were official representatives of the union of insurance companies of the German Federation and are still closely cooperating with the unions of insurance companies in Sweden and Denmark. You can communicate with us in Latvian, in German, in English and in Russian. 

We are proud to be members of such world-renowned organizations as IATI, the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators, IAMI, the International Association of Marine Investigators, and IASIU, the International Association of Special Investigation Units. 

We will provide you with high quality legal assistance for the release of your vehicle from law enforcement agencies and technical assistance during on-site transportation and realization, as well as investigations of insurance cases in Europe, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other places.


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